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    A safe "BeeHive" of activity space for Women, in business, at home, working or retired to harness the supportive energy of Community encouragement, fun, allowing us to take on challenging actions, accomplish, learn, grow and get Sh’t done!


  • Why Community?


    Connection- You are not alone

    Being a part of a small community has been a big part in my beautiful budget journey.
    Knowing I am not alone.

    Hearing others strengths and struggles, setbacks merged to victories helps remind me I am not alone.
    And when I feel like I haven’t succeeded at all-- the community REMINDS me of my victories.

    We have a long shared history.
    Learning and growing together.
    The results are awesome. Not just for me but because I get to see the victories.

    It reminds me that we are one and that together we can do it. Even if alone, we could not.

  • Hello, glad you are here


    I am non-math whiz, designer techy artist who enjoys teaching technology for over 20 years. I worked on budgets as a Product Designer on Microsoft Money to my own personal budgets from pen & paper. spreadsheets, to Quicken to the latest online tech like YNAB (You Need a Budget) I've also worked it from the emotional and spiritual side of money, Decluttering, . Abundance, debt, a little or a lot. I understand and relate to the angst and difficulties surrounding money. Whether it's tracking or planning technical or emotional.

  • Increasing the buzz about Budgeting, DeCluttering and more and inspiring you to Bee more Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

    And we are “Bee” Hive to help!

    Instead of a Quilting Bee

    We are a Budgeting Bee. Building our Budgets through One on One help, Group Courses and Community. Working together to build our best lives.

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