• Money for Awakening Intensive

    the NEXT 90 DAYS

    Consciously Embody the Soul FinancialEnergies that are Emerging in Your Life

    September 22 - December 22, 2022

  • Budgeting can be a profound tool for spiritual awakening

    But, when you wade into the online ocean of astrological videos, blogs, podcasts, and posts, it’s easy to get confused. So much information! What does it all mean?


    Then there’s the fear factor.

    Virtually all that free astrology is about trying to “predict” your life – which really boils down to trying to “control” your life. But, we’re not here to “control” life - which is a sure-fire recipe for suffering. We’re here to listen, learn, and awaken.


    Astrology for awakening isn’t about predicting “what will happen to me.”

    It’s about quieting the turbulence of the fear-based mind, so that you can receive the wisdom of the soul and:

    • Live with greater wisdom - as you attune to the archetypal energies of the moment.
    • Embody deeper love - as you express the sacred gifts of your soul.
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  • The NEXT 90 DAYS:

    Three months of embodied astro-learning for a small group of soulful pioneers.

    This program is for 6 people who will meet as a group & individually with Eric to learn:

    • How the key aspects of this 90 day period are active in your astrological chart.
    • What the symbols reveal about your awakening path.

    Your soul has its seasons.


    Sometimes it’s time to leap forward. Sometimes what’s called for is stillness. Different seasons of the soul highlight different aspects of life: relationship, health, self-image, work, etc.

    In this program, you’ll learn how to tune in and receive the life-enriching messages that are coded in your chart.


    Not a reading. A conversation.


    Astrological readings are wonderful (learn about them here).

    But, to move your understanding of astrology from the head to the heart and into your life takes time, guidance, and dialogue.

    That’s why this small group program is an extended conversation and exploration that provides you with the support and teachings you need to live in alignment with your soul’s current season as revealed in your astrological chart.


    The NEXT 90 DAYS runs from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice.


    This is a deeply reflective time of the yearly cycle, when we are invited to turn inward to rediscover and redeem the hidden treasures of the soul.

    We will follow the path of this inward journey and track the changing astrological “weather” of the season as it relates to your chart.


    Some of the patterns we will be tracking include:

    • The moon cycle (new, first quarter, full, third quarter) and how it reveals our emotional wounds and resources.
    • Planetary retrogrades. It's not only the famous Mercury retrograde that calls for attention! During this period, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto will be in retrograde. This indicates that a lot of unresolved past karma - collectively and individually - will be on the spiritual agenda.
    • Planets changing signs and how these shifts emphasize new approaches to our spiritual life.
    • Major planetary alignments (there are plenty).
  • 2022 has been a wild ride.

    And . . . school is still in session!!

    The final quarter brings additional "teachings" to the cosmic curriculum.

    If this program calls to you, sign up and join the conversation.

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    “Working with Eric is simultaneously untethering and grounding.

    He possesses the remarkable ability to take conversations about astrology, spirituality, and purpose and present information in ways that challenge new thinking while helping you feel safe. I trust Eric immensely.
    His depth of study – certainly of astrology and spirituality – but, also, of people, relationships, and the mind bring such a robust bank of knowledge to the conversation.
    Our conversations are a time when I can zoom all the way out and get some perspective. Working with him is sheer joy.”

    -- Molly Scofield, CEO, Two Sides Consulting, Encinitas, CA

  • This small group program (6 people only) includes:

  • Relax, It's already yours

    It was written in the stars before you were born.


    - Power of Positivity


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    One Payment


    Paid upon registration

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    Three Payments

    $245 each

    per month

    • 1st payment upon registration
    • 2nd payment at half-way point
    • 3rd payment final week of program
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    My Life history

    I am non-math whiz, designer techy artist who enjoys teaching technology for over 20 years. I worked on budgets as a Product Designer on Microsoft Money to my own personal budgets from pen & paper. spreadsheets, to Quicken to the latest online tech like YNAB (You Need a Budget)

    I've also worked it from the emotional and spiritual side of money, Decluttering, . Abundance, debt, a little or a lot. I understand and relate to the angst and difficulties surrounding money. Whether it's tracking or planning technical or emotional.

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