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  • Case Study #1: Eric Klein (www.wisdomheart.com) Budgeting for Retirement

    "I'm Eric klein and my wife and I have are in the fortunate position really to be retiring

    But we're also in that precarious position of needing to figure out exactly how to stay comfortable in retirement and Anita is guiding us through this amazing educational process of getting our ynab world together. And I could not have done this without her. It's like literally would not have happened.


    I'm not a very technically oriented person and Anita has a way of translating the numbers and the processes into simple steps that I can visualize and understand exactly where I am where I need to be.

    I am so grateful never having been somebody who has been comfortable or capable in terms of tracking and Budgeting. My wife and I have lived always within our means Devi and I have always been frugal not self-denying but frugal.

    And so we've always had enough money but we haven't really been precise or clear about where the money goes and where it comes from and how we're managing it and now at this point in our life it's super important because we're heading into retirement we need to have an absolutely clear picture of what comes in what goes out where it goes.

    So we can make choices that will support our ongoing sense of well-being and a joyful life and Anita is helping us do that.
    It's not just the software that's the key. It's not just the YNAB software-- it's powerful --but you need-- at least I need --a teacher who can help me rapidly understand it and utilize it in a way that is clear to me a non-numbers person"


  • Case Study #2: Carol & Jim (Retired)

    It was all diffused...

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    Getting clear quality information step-by-step saves you time.
    You’ll have software work for YOU. providing ease of use and you’ll excel in your finances.

    You will have clarity and order in your finances allowing you to move forward in clearing any wreckage from the past to track both personal and or small or side business finances.

    You will get launched off the ground, have support and really consistently use the program. Your fear of technology will dissipate, you will find a system to keep up with your finances and aware of where you are at all times. As well as have a real person to call when you get confused about a process or need to correct a mistake.


    You will have someone assist you who is gentle, patient, kind and understanding.

    Someone who’s been through the difficult times too.

    Who believes in your dream and will help keep you moving toward it at a pace you can deal with.

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