The BEE DeCluttering Power women

The BEE DeCluttering Power women

TheBee.Life is a safe ‘Hive’ space for Women to gain energy, motivation to work on the hard stuff. We started with Money stuff from Budgets to taxes - and moved into DeCluttering, to Personal, Self and Home Care, to Personal productivity, hobbies, Health Care, Fitness and Biz Productivity and Marketing, Getting done any of the parts that typically makes you go ugh!

It's a whole lot funner to do with someone else!Doing this can make a huge difference in life, health, peace of mind, family and finances. Peace. Thank you so much for contributing, being a part and making this happen in the world.

Imagining our Goals for: Vision Boarding

WritingBudgeting/Money/Getting out of

DebtHome LifeHome Beautification

DeCluttering Home

CleaningGarden & YardOur Health and Fitness Self Personal Care Morning and Night RoutinesEntrepreneur Business MarketingTime and ProductivityDigital DeClutteringStudiesNew Job/
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