• Who is it for?

      • Have some Big financial decisions to make and need a handle on what your real spending budget is?

      • Dealing with the money stuff has been on your "To Do" list but keeps getting put on the back burner...

      • Want to know what you can spend in Retirement? or perhaps clear up some debt and be able to save for a pampering beach vacation

    1. This webinar will allow you to...

        • Have a safe place to dip your toe into sorting out the financials bit by bit.

        • Adventure into using simple tools to help clarify, track and clear up and organize the money stuff

        • Have clarity what you can spend in Retirement or on a House? Eventually clear up some debt and be able to save for that pampering beach vacation


      1. Setting up and sticking to a budget,
        paying off your debt, reaching your goals and more.

        Begin your step-by-step plan
        for reaching your financial goals
        in 2022 and beyond.

      2. Hello! I can relate...

        For many of us the mess that is money in our lives feels a lot like the mess that is clutter in our homes or digital lives. In a word-- overwhelming. So we avoid it like the plague.


        When I started dealing with my money alot of it had receipts everywhere, or nowhere to be found. A pile in a box. Unopened mail. I was staying alive, eating, paying rent but not clear on what I was spending.

        I couldn't tell you how much I spent on food per month or what my electric bill was. If you asked my what I spent last month it would be a blank look. I was in debt by thousands of dollars and although I had a job --had know idea why.


        I was surviving and but desired to be thriving. My money decluttering like my home decluttering has been a journey.


        the greatest discovery I made was that I could not do it alone. But even better than that was that which I dreaded was actually FUN as well as do-able with other people.


        Thats why we not only gain knowledge, we actually have a community for support in taking action and getting it done! And someone to celebrate the victories with!

        Hope you come and join us in the BEE Life.




        Anita is a non-math whiz, designer techy artist who enjoys teaching technology for over 20 years. she worked on budgets as a Product Designer on Microsoft Money to her own personal budgets from pen & paper. spreadsheets, to Quicken to the latest online tech like YNAB (You Need a Budget) . she has also worked it from the emotional and spiritual side of money, Decluttering, . Abundance, debt, a little or a lot. She understands and relates to the angst and difficulties surrounding money. Whether it's tracking or planning technical or emotional.

        "Remember that you are enough.
        I believe in you.

        Keep working towards your goals"


        Join us for the : Declutter Your Money

        Webinar: Thursday, June 9th, 2022

        7:00- 8:00 pm / Easter Standard Time​

        Go from financially overwhelmed to clear and content

        Make Money-Management a creative strength

        Take the mystery out of cash flow

        Utilize tools that factors in where your money’s been to guide where your money will go

        Feel empowered by a user-friendly experience for creative minds

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      6. Testimonials

        As you go through this enriching process.

        Budgeting for Retirement

        "I'm Eric klein and my wife and I have are in the fortunate position really to be retiring

        But we're also in that precarious position of needing to figure out exactly how to stay comfortable in retirement and Anita is guiding us through this amazing educational process of getting our ynab world together. And I could not have done this without her. It's like literally would not have happened.


        I'm not a very technically oriented person and Anita has a way of translating the numbers and the processes into simple steps that I can visualize and understand exactly where I am where I need to be.

        I am so grateful never having been somebody who has been comfortable or capable in terms of tracking and Budgeting. My wife and I have lived always within our means Devi and I have always been frugal not self-denying but frugal.

        And so we've always had enough money but we haven't really been precise or clear about where the money goes and where it comes from and how we're managing it and now at this point in our life it's super important because we're heading into retirement we need to have an absolutely clear picture of what comes in what goes out where it goes.

        So we can make choices that will support our ongoing sense of well-being and a joyful life and Anita is helping us do that.
        It's not just the software that's the key. It's not just the YNAB software-- it's powerful --but you need-- at least I need --a teacher who can help me rapidly understand it and utilize it in a way that is clear to me a non-numbers person"



      7. Now they Actually have Fun Working on Budget together :)

        Carol and Jim set up Date nights now and have fun.

        Carol: " We would laugh instead of argue, that's nice and is nice"

      8. Questions?

        Feel free to reach out and communicate
        I'm here to support you in Decluttering Finances and bringing the peace the order brings 
        (and will respond within 24hours)

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