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    A Beautiful Budget will help you solve these challenges

    Build your bank by fashioning a beautiful budget that gives you freedom to spend to Crystal Clarity automated ease-of-use and ultimately peace of mind.


    Up your money game and spend less time for clear quality information. Whether upgrading from pen or paper or migrating from another software program or an excel spreadsheet. You need something that will provide ease of use, to excel in your finances.


    Clear the confusion and clutter around finances. Perhaps you need to track your personal or small business finances. You’ve tried other software in the past never did really get launched off the ground. Ease your fear technology and concerns that a financial software is not secure, hard to keep up, or to complicated.

    Maybe Math or computers is not your thing and you're embarrassed to admit how difficult it is to keep up with finances right now. (We’ve all been there).


    Prepare a plan to clear Debt and lack of income as it may currently feel overwhelming and like you are drowning.

  • Now they Actually have Fun Working on Budget together :)

    Carol and Jim set up Date nights now and have fun.
    Carol: " We would laugh instead of argue, that's nice and is nice"

  • Through our work together, you'll be able to:



    Get everything transferred over and be ready and rarin' to go and have peace of mind so tax season won’t catch you by surprise.

    Easily see and track your transactions. Effortlessly plan what you want to spend your money on. Easily go with the flow and be flexible with what life throws at you with peace of mind.

    Or you have had some good success and just want to keep going that way.

    You don’t want to work so hard on this money stuff. You want it to make life easier because you are working full-time.
    You want to prepare for retirement and beyond.


    You wonder “how will investing in a software program or money course help me when I don’t have enough extra right now?”


  • Budgeting and Staying comfortable in Retirement

    Eric, as a more creative, nonnumbers person becoming more precise about where the money goes and how he and his wife are managing it.

    "We have an absolute clear picture that creates

  • Hello!

    I am non-math whiz, designer techy artist who enjoys teaching technology for over 20 years. I worked on budgets as a Product Designer on Microsoft Money to my own personal budgets from pen & paper. spreadsheets, to Quicken to the latest online tech like YNAB (You Need a Budget)

    I've also worked it from the emotional and spiritual side of money. Abundance, debt, a little or a lot. I understand and relate to the angst and difficulties surrounding money. Whether it's tracking or planning technical or emotional.

    A Beautiful Budget Bee was created so that we can have fun together exploring using money and techie apps.

    Why Community?

    Being a part of a small community has been a big part in my beautiful budget journey.
    Knowing I am not alone.

    Hearing others strengths and struggles, setbacks merged to victories helps remind me I am not alone.
    And when I feel like I haven’t succeeded at all-- the community REMINDS me of my victories.

    We have a long shared history.
    Learning and growing together.
    The results are awesome. Not just for me but because I get to see the victories.

    It reminds me that we are one and that together we can do it. Even if alone, we could not.

    Increasing the buzz about Budgeting and inspiring you to peacefully spend, save and increase your money-honey!

    And we are “Bee” Hive to help!

    Instead of a Quilting Bee



  • You’ll have FUN working with your money when you can budge-it not fudge it.

    You will have someone assist you who is gentle, patient, kind and understanding. Someone who’s been through the difficult times too.
    Who believes in your dream and will help keep you moving toward it at a pace you can deal with.


    Getting clear quality information step-by-step saves you time.
    You’ll have software work for YOU. providing ease of use and you’ll excel in your finances. You will have clarity and order in your finances allowing you to move forward in clearing any wreckage from the past to track both personal and or small or side business finances.


    You will get launched off the ground, have support and really consistently use the program. Your fear of technology will dissipate, you will find a system to keep up with your finances and aware of where you are at all times. As well as have a real person to call when you get confused about a process or need to correct a mistake.


    You’ll be proud of how you handle things.
    You will enjoy the fruit of your labors.

    You can clear debt with through a snowball process and planning. You will be so happy you invested in yourself, in a course that will pay you back 10 fold now and in years to come.

  • What Others are Saying


    Business Entrepreneur

    Anita's ability to assess each individual users needs and then provide coaching and guidance is valuable, beyond words. Her passion to help you see the value in YNAB comes through when she helps you have those "lightbulb" break through moments.


    Recent College Grad & Business Woman, Entreprenuer

    Amazing teacher and support

    Carol & Jim


    Course has been helpful and very good at addressing personal questions.


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