• Budget Bee & Tea Time!

    End of December and to Mid January

    Hello all,

    Its about time for the end of the year. 🎉

    Wow, did it go by super fast for you too?

    This is an invitation at the end of the year Join us for an hour for a Money Bee & Tea Party. ☕️ 🥤🧉🍹🍸🍷

    (Free to attend. 🎁)

    Wherever you may be on your budgeting journey it’s a time to reflect and review.

    That might bring a pit in your stomach to some of us. It’s never fun - even for me--though I know I have all the information and have been diligently tracking.

    Even with YNAB etc we still have to have the courage to put the reports together. See what we might be missing so we can make decisions and take actions before the end of the year.

    All that happens with holidays happening, unexpected events and stressors, family drama, along with fun, and entertainment and lights and joy. It’s quite a time.

    So if anyone is needing to do some work. Feeling like you could use some motivation to get started or work on a difficult thing or just do the Budgeting in the company of others

    … I would like to invite you to join me for Holiday Budget Bee & Tea’s

    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening 4:00-5:00pm EST December 27-29th. - through January 12th🎄

    Attend, 1 time 2 times whatever times 🕰 works for you.


    Work on anything financially related in whatever program or way that you want.


    Its a Co-working session, although in a group, each of us a individually working on our own private documents.


    Folks have left these Bee’s feeling proud of themselves, grateful, lighter, relieved, and even happy to be ready for New Year!


    Make a date out of it. Bring your fave hot beverage, and lets work together.


    Join Us

    We will bring in the peace of the season with a short mindful meditation or moment of restful silence and go to the task at hand.

    Whether you use a 💵 spreadsheet, YNAB, Mint, Quicken, Envelopes or whatever get inspired and motivated by the group energy!

    🎉 Cheers and Joy!

    Hope to see you there!