Time vs Money

How is dealing with Time and Money simular?

Time Vs Money Today I listened to a self employment coach George Kao who is teaching about Time management skills. He calls it “Joyful Productivity”  🤩

(a much lovelier name than dry time management) 😀

I could see he had such enthusiasm and excitement teaching it though! Because he was envisioning how much it would truly help our lives and businesses if we learned this skill.

He could see the beauty of our lives should we choose to embrace this skill of creating and following a calendar.

However, he pointed out, there is a natural resistance to it --a rebellion even--to structuring our time. (Ha ha! I can relate)

Through observation it’s the people who are able to do it though who are happiest and get to do and experience what they love to do in life and have the most success.

Be honest, have you noticed this too? Because the people who just go with the flow seem to end up floating ( sometimes upside down) in somebody else stream of life. Doing things they didn’t plan to do and don’t want to do.

Why am I talking about this? Because as he was talking I realized it relates so closely to money as well. Structuring our money --aka a Budget-- also seems to have a natural resistance to it.

Yet the people who embrace it seem to be the ones who do better and are more successful. People can be successful without these skills but if you think about it sure does help to have them.

Like learning to ride a bike some people are just naturals at it and jump right on and go, but most of us have to get on a few times and fall and get back up to learn how to do it.

It’s a learnable skill and most who want to learn can and do learn how to ride. Budgeting is learnable skill too.

Like riding a bike it’s helpful to have someone standing beside you to balance the bike as you learn.

Then running alongside you occasionally putting out a hand to steady you until Whoosh! You take off! Ha, A balanced Time, a balanced bike, a balanced budget!


Most anybody can learn to do it if they can just get over the initial resistance.

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