Take Advantage of Technology

As many of you may know my early career years were in technology and design. During those years I often helped people with technology and taught them how to use a computer, it’s applications and software. 

I found great joy in this as I felt empowering people to be able to do things that they might normally be able to do a great service and filled me with satisfaction. Especially if those persons found technology particularly daunting and avoided at all costs. I loved seeing them transform and become confident in what they were doing and more importantly see real tangible results in their lives. 

Well nothing gets more tangible than money! I always struggled with math but excelled in art and writing. So when I found a software tool to help me track money without me having to do the math it was a game changer. 

Having the right tool can determine the course of a life.

For example when I was in high school my Mother signed me up for a Graphic Design course unbeknownst to me to me. I was furious when I first learned about it. I thought design to be much more technical and precise than the free-hand drawing I had been doing and was comfortable with . I complained “I can’t even draw a straight line”  I thought it would be restricting or wouldn’t be fun. 

But when I took the class  I found out that a tool called “rulers” was made for creating straight lines. And another tool called a “compass” for making precise circles, and templates for outlining different shapes! I didn’t have to “Naturally” be able to do it! (this was pre-computers and an i-phone haha :) 

With some practice it became fun and empowering. 

I realized with the ability to do Graphic Design I could write, tell a story and illustrate a meaning or a purpose with a diagram and a design. 

I went on to major in Graphic Design at the University of Washington and work as a Designer for Microsoft, AT &T (Plan the Design and Information Architecture for the launch of said iPhone) using the ultimate tool of a computer that can draw perfectly straight lines and circles leaving my brain to do more creative and fun things! 

It’s the same with money. 

When I first heard of Budgets -the creative controller inside me rebelled. It’s about numbers, I can’t do math. It would be restricting and not fun! But like Design I found having the right Budget tool to use to be more freeing and opened up more opportunities. 

Instead of using the brain to constantly try and add up numbers with a pencil and pen on paper which, if you aren’t a math genius, can be frustrating.  

Why not use the power of technology so you can get the results faster and more accurately? 

Then spend your time doing what you love and dreaming, envisioning goals, planning,  purchasing, giving, saving and investing your money for good?