• Beautiful Vision Board Partee Time!
    You are invited:


    So everytime you look at it your brain goes to work trying to make it happen.
    Your intuition kicks in guiding you to take the right actions to get ‘er done!


    • iPhone Screensaver

    • Learn Canva Basics and create your own art

    • Get Step by Step Instruction
    • Get it done!

  • The Vision Board helped transform Erica's whole month

    Listen to her here

  • Want Inspiration? Step by step instruction?

    If you have been thinking of creating a vision board this is for you

    It’s so exciting as it will be on your iPhone, and you can see it every time you pick up your phone.

    You will learn it in Canva an App that you can use over and over and the app is free! There is a paid version but you don’t need it for this beautiful project)



  • The Vision Board helped transform Erica's whole month

    Listen to her here

  • Want to get it done and won in an hour ?


    • Love images, have a Pinterest board, and get stuck doing the design of a project
    • Don’t want to search hours on YouTube and try out outdated instructions.
    • Do it in the presence and fun of other people LIVE and in Person -

    Then this is the chance to stop dreaming about it and get it done! :)

    (You will need a Computer Mac, PC or Chromebook to do this)


  • Join us Live (and get the replay, too).

    Join Live with Anita an
    Create your Vision Board and get it done

    Can't Attend Live?

    Get the Replay

    Replay sent the within 2 days

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  • Glad you are here...You Are Invited...To a Vision Board Party!

    Create a digital Vision Board for your iPhone Wallpaper

    If you don’t know me yet, I’m Anita and one of my missions is to heighten and support the money consciousness of the creatively inclined. Those of us challenged by Numbers, spreadsheets and tracking money and related tasks.

    We are Soloprenuers at heart if not actually. Likely more right-brained than left, artist or creative, prefer to paint without numbers. By working together we become more aware and focused on our money so we can successfully engage it in accomplishing our dreams, visions and goals.

    One way that creatively inspired people can connect with the meaning of numbers is through our visuals.

    Vision Boarding comes more naturally to us because we use our visual, dream, intuitive insight more so than others. When you see images and colors it connects easily. So that is why a vision board is such a cool and fun tool to create and use.


    Every time you see it you will be so excited. A little wire will be tripped off inside that will make you even smile on the outside and change your feelings and thoughts for the day. I so love looking at my mini vision board on my iPhone.

    Seeing it multiple times a day as my Wallpaper or Screensaver when I need to unlock my phone. It’s so much fun. And others who have learned to do it also share with me how much they love seeing their visions daily.

    So I am teaching this class through January so we can get a visual kickstart off to the year.


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